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CYFE-X – an abbreviation for CYber Forensic Examination – X relates to systems. Following the ACE principals– Accredited, Confidential and Ethical.

Trained and certified in Computer Forensics (CCE), Systems Security (CISSP) - together with holding numerous Microsoft, Cisco, Planet 3 Wireless and CompTIA qualifications. More importantly is the experience - this is based on over twenty five years experience working with a wide range of computer systems in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East - spanning a range of technical and business computing environments

We respect our clients rights to privacy and right to confidentiality. CYFE-X operates as an impartial examiner following ACPO Guidelines.

Whilst maintaining independence, ethical codes & standards are followed:-
I.S.F.C.E® Code of Ethical Standards:

A Certified Computer Examiner will at all times:
* Demonstrate commitment and diligence in performance of assigned duties. * Demonstrate integrity in completing professional assignments. * Maintain the utmost objectivity in all forensic examinations and accurately present findings. * Conduct examinations based on established, validated principles. * Abide by the highest moral and ethical standards and obey the by-laws of the ISFCE. * When conducting examinations, obtain evidence or other documentation that will establish a reasonable basis for any opinion rendered. *Testify truthfully in all matters before any board, court or proceeding. * Avoid any action that would appear to be a conflict of interest. * Comply with all legal orders of the courts. * Strive to maintain professionalism in assigned duties. * Thoroughly examine all evidence in a case unless the scope of the examination is limited by court order or other mandate.

A Certified Computer Examiner will never:
* Withhold any evidence that would tend to distort the truth. * Reveal any confidential matters or knowledge learned in an examination without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction or with the express permission of the client. * Express an opinion on the guilt or innocence of any party. * Engage in any unethical or illegal conduct. * Knowingly undertake an assignment beyond his/her skills. * Misrepresent training, credentials or association membership. * Show bias or prejudice in findings or examinations. * Exceed authorization in conducting examinations.

(ISC)2 ® Code of Ethics Canons:
Protect society, the commonwealth, and the infrastructure. -Act honourably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally. -Provide diligent and competent service to principals. -Advance and protect the profession.

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